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Joint Master’s degree programme

Admission requirements

Admission requirements can be defined in several core areas, which are defined in international documents and national higher education. In the case of Social technology management  master  study programme the following areas of requirements might be considered as the most important for applicants: admission to the study criteria; Competitive scores and minimum requirements; Determining minimum requirements for international programmes; study workload, curriculumand forms of  bridging courses.

In accordance with the Programme assessment description  and methodology set by theCentre for Study Quality Assessment, a key requirement for admission is the study legitimacy. It includes rating a competitive score and the minimum requirements as well as specific requirements. Social Technologies Management master study programme currently defines the following requirements for applicants: To studyunder this programme are eligible persons having a university bachelor's degree or non university bachelor‘s degree (in this case 60 ECTS studies before starting this master degree program are required).

Applicants tothe Social technology management  study programme must have at least B2 level of English (according to the European Language Portfolio). The evidence of appropriate level of language:

  • the English course grade corresponding to the B2 level (grade is appropriate if the assessment is higher than 70% of the rating scale) in Bachelor's degree Diploma Supplement
  • if  the grade is lower or there is no assessment in the Bachelor’s Diploma Supplement, a university or language school (of ISO 9001:2008) certificate, proving B2 level knowledge and skills must be provided.

The minimum requirements for joining the Master's study programme of Social Technology are to have basic knowledge in management - management, organizational behavior, project management, strategic management basics - (if these study subjects are not completed in Bachelor cycle studies, the entrant will have to take  bridging courses of  the subjects during master study cycle. Bridging cources are base on independent work of student. Consulting teacher will be assigned to each of the course.

If prospective student has non university bachelor degree, 60 ECTS studies before starting this master degree program are required. Extra studies will be executed as follows (those 60 ECTS may be gained either in UFP or in MRU):

20 students are planned to be enrolled.